Cloud Connection Solutions

Based on our independently developed SDN platform system and with connections to the superior resources like AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Microsoft Azure, we provide customers with simple, flexible and efficient services including SD-Cloud Express, SD-DCI and SD-DRP.

Independently Developed SDN Platform - 3fOS

With the core concept of "free, fast and flexible," we use our independently developed SDN platform architecture to help customers establish visualized and intelligent management of resources, and new value-added business model with high efficiency.

SD-Cloud Express

With SDN technology as the core, SD-Cloud Express, on the basis of the company's extensive underlying network coverage, provides enterprises with flexible, elastic and visualized IDC to Cloud and Cloud to Cloud connection services.


Flexible extension of data center, rapid business deployment, unified management and coordinated arrangement can be achieved. A shared resource pool across data centers established through SD-DCI technology can improve the utilization of data center resources and enable users to make extension according to their needs.

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