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Advantages in Engineering Delivery with Cloud Data Center

  • The company has senior professional engineering techniques and construction teams with years of experience in system integration industry, covering architectural decoration, HVAC, mechatronics, low current equipment, etc.

  • Implementation of all the projects adopts a refined management model, with the project team consisted of professional engineering personnel.

  • Detailed technical, security, quality schedule plans are formulated prior to the commencement of a project and implementation of the project is under supervision in strict accordance with the plans.

  • The professional construction teams in the Engineering Department have extensive experience in installation, which provides effective guarantee for the high quality and timely delivery of the project.

  • The annual output value of project delivery of the company is over RMB 100 million yuan;  and total number of data center project equipment cabinets delivered exceeds 1,000 units per year. All projects were successfully delivered and operated in a safe and stable manner. Our services with excellent quality are well received by the customers.

Details on Staff Strength

Distribution of Service Data Machine Rooms

Hung Yun has completed delivery of 45 data centers with continuous maintenance work preformed. The accumulated area of delivered service data centers reaches 120,000 square meters till now.

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