Lifelong Pursuit: Simple Operation and Maintenance

Provide operation and maintenance management services in the framework of data center life cycle service. Manage energy consumption form the perspective of the entire life cycle reduce TCO, increase the utilization efficiency of the invested property and maximize the operation and maintenance efficiency.

Corporate Goal:

Making data center life cycle service a simple thing

Lifelong Purist:

Simple operation and maintenance

All Network Service Outlets

  • The headquarter and technology R&D center is located in Shenzhen

  • Branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Fuzhou, and Zhongwei

  • Hangzhou research institute of Hung Yun in Zhejiang University established in Hangzhou

  • Service, after sales operation and maintenance points in over 40 regions in China

  • Over 300 employees of operation and maintenance department are engaging in the operation and maintenance of major enterprises and institutions in more than ten cities in china

  • Accumulated area of delivered service data centers reaches 120,000 square meters till now

Operation and Maintenance Advantages

To ensure professional operation and maintenance services, Highcloud has established professional talent channel and training system to provide customers with high level and professional operation & maintenance talents. As strategic partner of Huawei, Emerson, Schneider, ABB and with powerful global supply chain resources, we can provide operation and maintenance services technical support and spare parts for the mainstream products and provide optimal configuration according to customers requirements.

Real Time Data Cloud Platform - Cloud Operation & Maintenance Management Tools

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