We evaluate and inspect weather the pre-constructed building of the project meets the owner's expectation and requirements as follows:

1. Site selection and technical requirements as stipulated

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages based on the site selection of the project

2. Applicable national regulatory requirement

Evaluate an test the project infrastructure, in accordance with the applicable national standards and specification and industrial standards on design and construction of information system machine room, to check whether the project satisfies the relevant regulations and meet the requirements on design level (wind, fire, water and electricity.)

3. Actual usability of the project (if necessary)

By setting up a project simulation evaluation platform, close to the actual IT load and operating environment as far as possible, examine and verify the operating characteristics and system performance of the equipment of the infrastructure and the entire system under different conditions; and provide analysis data on the actual operating capability and capacity of the project infrastructure system, as a benchmark for establishing an effective operation and maintenance mechanism by the owner, as well as reasonable suggestions on operation and maintenance management.

4. Process quality of the project

Inspect whether the processing property of the infrastructure system meets the professional requirements, timely detect the problems and defects in design, construction and quality and provide professional opinions and suggestions to reduce the cost of rectification.

5. Data center financial evaluation, optimization and reduction of operation and maintenance costs

Through simulated estimation and calculation, evaluate the life cycle and data center finance, to provide objective and real benchmark data for operation and maintenance; fully evaluate the project operation risks and the cost of operation and maintenance, to improve the project operation management and the working ability of the operation and maintenance team,

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